[ kluh-men-tey ]


  1. Ro·ber·to Walker [roh-, bair, -toh], 1934–72, U.S. baseball player, born in Puerto Rico.

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Example Sentences

The Social Realism and Muralist Movements from artists like Diego Rivera and José Clemente Orozco worked with indigenous crafts.

A.J. Clemente: F***in S*^$ The North Dakota news anchor may have set a record for shortest time on the job, any job.

“She sort of plays the goof a little bit and he plays off her,” says Clemente.

“She knows exactly how to find the heart of a story within moments, which is like finding the heart of a big case,” Clemente says.

“I knew that Rove was on the phone with the Romney people,” Clemente says.

When he was discovered on the west side he at once steered toward Clemente Island, evidently hoping to mislead his followers.

But in my opinion the once vast, heaving, wonderful beds of kelp along the Clemente and Catalina shores have been cut too deeply.

Coram testibus Josepho clemente Belseroski et philippo Salomon.

There is an excellent account of all the vines of Andalucia by Rojas Clemente.

How could Don Clemente's lofty forehead, his blue eyes, so serene and pure, have known passion?





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