[ klee-oh ]


  1. a female given name.

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Example Sentences

Police say Cleo, who has since been reunited with her family, is physically fine and has started to try to understand what happened during the 18 days she was allegedly held.

Australian media outlets have quoted many of his neighbors who said he had acted strangely in the weeks since Cleo disappeared, driving his car fast and keeping his dog in the front yard as opposed to the backyard as he normally did.

Cleo also forces Lily to go out and play in the snow for much-needed breaks.

From Time

Obviously, I had to book a dental appointment to speak to the wizard and ask him where I could find my beloved cat, Cleo.

From Cocktail to Showgirls to Cleo: how did she come to write a book?

On dark nights, Gershon would take the stage and perform songs, interspersed with the Cleo story.

At least I got some quality time with Cleo, bonding with her over the absurdity of her little brothers.

You know, Mom,” Cleo interjected, “you could let them watch age-appropriate cartoons now and then.

Inspiration came when I visited the loom-house this morning, and saw Cleo Royce, the head-weaving-girl, at her work.

And we are going to have our own riding club, suggested Cleo, who would agree to anything that included horseback riding.

At any rate, Im crazy about the camp idea, and I am willing to get it going, insisted Cleo.

When we put on our Scout uniform last year we saved a lot of that, reflected Cleo.

But we may find other girls at the lake who are qualifiedwho are regular Scouts, you know, put in Cleo the democrat.