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[ klik ]


  1. a slight, sharp sound:

    At the click of the latch, the dog barked.

  2. a small device for preventing backward movement of a mechanism, as a detent or pawl.
  3. Phonetics. any one of a variety of ingressive, usually implosive, speech sounds, phonemic in some languages, produced by suction occlusion and plosive or affricative release.
  4. any one of a variety of familiar sounds used in calling or urging on horses or other animals, in expressing reprimand or sympathy, or produced in audible kissing.
  5. Computers. the act of rapidly depressing and releasing a button on a mouse or other input device, usually the left-hand button, as to select an icon.

verb (used without object)

  1. to emit or make a slight, sharp sound, or series of such sounds, as by the cocking of a pistol:

    The door clicked shut.

  2. Informal.
    1. to succeed; make a hit:

      If the play clicks, the producer will be rich.

    2. to fit together; function well together:

      They get along in public, but their personalities don't really click.

    3. to become intelligible.
  3. Computers. to rapidly depress and release one of the buttons on a mouse or other input device, usually the left-hand button: Compare right-click ( def 1 ).

    Just click on the link to get to the site.

verb (used with object)

  1. to cause to click.
  2. to strike together with a click:

    He clicked his heels and saluted.

  3. Computers.
    1. to select (a screen object) by rapidly depressing and releasing one of the buttons on a mouse or other input device, usually the left-hand button: Compare right-click ( def 2 ).

      Click “OK” to continue .

    2. to rapidly depress and release (a button on a mouse or other input device):

      Click the trackpad button once.


or klick, klik

[ klik ]


, Slang.
  1. a kilometer.


/ klɪk /


  1. a short light often metallic sound
    1. the locking member of a ratchet mechanism, such as a pawl or detent
    2. the movement of such a mechanism between successive locking positions
  2. phonetics any of various stop consonants, found in Khoisan and as borrowings in southern Bantu languages, that are produced by the suction of air into the mouth
  3. slang.
    a kilometre
  4. computing an act of pressing and releasing a button on a mouse


  1. to make or cause to make a clicking sound

    to click one's heels

  2. usually foll by on computing to press and release (a button on a mouse) or to select (a particular function) by pressing and releasing a button on a mouse
  3. slang.
    intr to be a great success

    that idea really clicked

  4. informal.
    intr to become suddenly clear

    it finally clicked when her name was mentioned

  5. slang.
    intr to go or fit together with ease

    they clicked from their first meeting

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Derived Forms

  • ˈclicker, noun

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Other Words From

  • clickless adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of click1

First recorded in 1575–85; perhaps imitative, but perhaps from Dutch klikk (noun), klikken (verb)

Origin of click2

First recorded in 1950–55; originally U.S. military slang; further origin unclear

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Word History and Origins

Origin of click1

C17: of imitative origin

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Example Sentences

When combined with an organic promotional strategy, paid ads can be a big added driver of traffic and clicks.

This is why you need to rank high in search engines so that your website gets the most clicks.

For instance, ’FindThatLead’ is a tool that allows you to find your target’s contact details almost at a click of a single button.

On Facebook, the current price of a click has dropped several times – simply because many competitors have left.

Only nine percent of content actually sees organic traffic from search results, and nearly 70% of all clicks go to the first five organic search results.

So we picked out the song (“Rhiannon,” click here for video), and Deer Tick learned it.

A click sends a user to a statement, a list of passenger nationalities, emergency call-center numbers, and other information.

For a longer list of 200 outstanding releases, click here.

She was so great and it made everything click for me, because I was also interested in journalism.

I hope that there is a trend away from the kind of “click-bait” type of essay that you often see on the Internet.

Edna could hear the whispering voices of dead men and the click of muffled gold.

Black Hood shot twice, pulled the trigger a third time only to hear the hammer click on an empty chamber.

Perhaps the Eye heard that click and understood its meaning, for it was then that he made his dash through the rear door.

Now you hear the click-clock of an approaching cab, the cocher half asleep on his box.

"Come and see," said Betty and a click at the other end of the wire told Grace that the conversation was over.


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