[ klin-ik ]
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  1. a place, as in connection with a medical school or a hospital, for the treatment of nonresident patients, sometimes at low cost or without charge.

  2. a group of physicians, dentists, or the like, working in cooperation and sharing the same facilities.

  1. a class or group convening for instruction or remedial work or for the diagnosis and treatment of specific problems: a reading clinic; a speech clinic; a summer baseball clinic for promising young players.

  2. the instruction of medical students by examining or treating patients in their presence or by their examining or treating patients under supervision.

  3. a class of students assembled for such instruction.

  4. Sports Slang. a performance so thoroughly superior by a team or player as to be a virtual model or demonstration of excellence; rout or mismatch.

  1. of a clinic; clinical.

Origin of clinic

1620–30; 1885–90 for def. 1; <Latin clīnicus<Greek klīnikós pertaining to a (sick) bed, equivalent to klī́n(ē) bed + -ikos-ic

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/ (ˈklɪnɪk) /

  1. a place in which outpatients are given medical treatment or advice, often connected to a hospital

  2. a similar place staffed by physicians or surgeons specializing in one or more specific areas: eye clinic

  1. British a private hospital or nursing home

  2. obsolete the teaching of medicine to students at the bedside

  3. US a place in which medical lectures are given

  4. US a clinical lecture

  5. mainly US and Canadian a group or centre that offers advice or instruction: a vocational clinic

Origin of clinic

C17: from Latin clīnicus one on a sickbed, from Greek, from klinē bed

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