clips (ˈklɪps)

/ (ˈklɪpəz) /

pl n
  1. a hand tool with two cutting blades for clipping fingernails, hedges, etc

  2. a hairdresser's tool, operated either by hand or electrically, with one fixed and one reciprocating set of teeth for cutting short hair

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How to use clippers in a sentence

  • All that the clippers men could see was a sudden, confused struggle, that ended almost before it had begun.

    Cursed | George Allan England
  • Along the rail, hard-bitten as the clippers men were, oaths broke out, and mutterings.

    Cursed | George Allan England
  • The Flying Cloud and the Staffordshire were followed by about forty fast clippers during the great gold-fever of '49.

  • In this case, however, I was somewhat more hopeful, for these Natal clippers were not wholly strange to me.

    The Cruise of the "Esmeralda" | Harry Collingwood
  • Among the facts which thus present themselves to notice, is one relating to clippers.