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verb (used with object),clogged, clog·ging.
  1. to hinder or obstruct with thick or sticky matter; choke up: to clog a drain.

  2. to crowd excessively, especially so that movement is impeded; overfill: Cars clogged the highway.

  1. to encumber; hamper; hinder.

verb (used without object),clogged, clog·ging.
  1. to become clogged, encumbered, or choked up.

  2. to stick; stick together.

  1. to do a clog dance.

  1. anything that impedes motion or action; an encumbrance; a hindrance.

  2. a shoe or sandal with a thick sole of wood, cork, rubber, or the like.

  1. a similar but lighter shoe worn in the clog dance.

  2. a heavy block, as of wood, fastened to a person or beast to impede movement.

  3. British Dialect. a thick piece of wood.

Origin of clog

1350–1400; Middle English, of uncertain origin

Other words for clog

Other words from clog

  • clog·gi·ly, adverb
  • clog·gi·ness, noun
  • cloggy, adjective
  • an·ti·clog·ging, adjective
  • o·ver·clog, verb (used with object), o·ver·clogged, o·ver·clog·ging. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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/ (klɒɡ) /

verbclogs, clogging or clogged
  1. to obstruct or become obstructed with thick or sticky matter

  2. (tr) to encumber; hinder; impede

  1. (tr) to fasten a clog or impediment to (an animal, such as a horse)

  2. (intr) to adhere or stick in a mass

  3. slang (in soccer) to foul (an opponent)

    • any of various wooden or wooden-soled shoes

    • (as modifier): clog dance

  1. a heavy block, esp of wood, fastened to the leg of a person or animal to impede motion

  1. something that impedes motion or action; hindrance

  2. pop one's clogs slang to die

Origin of clog

C14 (in the sense: block of wood): of unknown origin

Derived forms of clog

  • cloggy, adjective
  • clogginess, noun

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/ (klɒɡ) /

verbclogs, clogging or clogged
  1. to use a photo-enabled mobile phone to take a photograph of (someone) and send it to a website without his or her knowledge or consent

Origin of clog

C21: c(amera) + log

Derived forms of clog

  • clogging, noun

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