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[ klohs-in ]


  1. near, as to a common center; adjacent, especially to a city:

    The city is enveloping its close-in suburbs.

  2. occurring or provided at close quarters:

    Fighter planes provided daring close-in air support.

close in

/ kləʊz /


  1. (of days) to become shorter with the approach of winter
  2. foll byon or upon to advance (on) so as to encircle or surround

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Example Sentences

The lack of a gun is not likely to be a major problem for close-in air-to-air dogfights against other jets.

But those weapons are of limited utility, especially during close-in fights.

This contrasts with many urban regions, where close-in areas just beyond downtowns have been actually losing population.

They would come close in-shore, and I would spear them from the rocks with a Papuan fishing-spear.

We steered close in-shore to avoid the drifting 287 wood and the set of the current.

That cut the range way down, even for this close-in weapon, but it would be dangerous for Reine if he used more.

Our only chance appeared to be, going from harbour to harbour and keeping close in-shore.

I can't make her out, but she must be standing very close in-shore.





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