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close quarters

[ klohs ]


  1. a small, cramped place or position.
  2. direct and close contact in a fight:

    They met at close quarters, exchanging many quick jabs.

close quarters

/ kləʊs /

plural noun

  1. a narrow cramped space or position
  2. at close quarters
    1. engaged in hand-to-hand combat
    2. in close proximity; very near together

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Word History and Origins

Origin of close quarters1

First recorded in 1745–55

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Example Sentences

That too was when she, her husband and their four children were, like hundreds of millions of other people, forced into the high-stress, close quarters life of pandemic lockdowns.

From Time

On little islands, at close quarters, being outspoken draws attention.

Behind the Iron Curtain, Manea had the opportunity to observe this colonization of sorts at close quarters.

The lady seated to my immediate right (very close quarters on bench seating) was fairly insistent about using her phone.

When two navies came together, it was a collision, followed by boarding and a desperate, bloody fight at close quarters.

I of course have never held the job, but it can't be so different from covering campaigns at close quarters, which I have done.

It was now evident that Aguinaldo had no intention to come to close quarters and bring matters to a crisis by pitched battles.

The Cristobal Colon would have a bad time if the two ships came to close quarters.

The Maine was sunk by a torpedo, discharged at close quarters underneath her magazine.

The regulars reserved their fire for close quarters, and then delivered it to bloody purpose.

The nine-millimeter rifles were said to be large enough for nearly all purposes, but not reassuring in extremely close quarters.





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