closing time

/ ˈkləʊzɪŋ /


  1. the time at which pubs must legally stop selling alcoholic drinks

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Example Sentences

There are numerous scenes where the deli owner hosts two friends, also immigrants, after closing time.

At the scheduled poll-closing time, voters were still lined up throughout the city.

Rick Perry announced he is retreating to Texas for a time of “reassessment,” code for closing time in his campaign.

Hundreds of thousands of the young, smart and successful professionals, will leave the country before closing time.

Consequently he avoided finding himself alone with her and had forbidden her to come to meet him at the office at closing-time.

I had to stay and nurse him, the closing time passed and I forgot my dry terne while I was giving him injections.

They sprinkle rat poison over everything at closing-time, but if you get there quick, you're OK.

The night was growing late, but the Georgians bitterly complained of the absurdity of London having a closing time.

Miss Colton and I met again at the door of the bank a day or two later, just at closing time.





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