[ klawth, kloth ]
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noun,plural cloths [klawthz, klothz, klawths, kloths]. /klɔðz, klɒðz, klɔθs, klɒθs/.
  1. a fabric formed by weaving, felting, etc., from wool, hair, silk, flax, cotton, or other fiber, used for garments, upholstery, and many other items.

  2. a piece of such a fabric for a particular purpose: an altar cloth.

  1. the particular attire of any profession, especially that of the clergy.: Compare man of the cloth.

  2. the cloth, the clergy: men of the cloth.

  3. Nautical.

    • one of the lengths of canvas or duck of standard width sewn side by side to form a sail, awning, or tarpaulin.

    • any of various pieces of canvas or duck for reinforcing certain areas of a sail.

    • a number of sails taken as a whole.

  4. Obsolete. a garment; clothing.

  1. of or made of cloth: She wore a cloth coat trimmed with fur.

Origin of cloth

before 900; Middle English cloth, clath cloth, garment, Old English clāth; cognate with Dutch kleed,German Kleid

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  • clothlike, adjective
  • un·der·cloth, noun

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/ (klɒθ) /

nounplural cloths (klɒθs, klɒðz)
    • a fabric formed by weaving, felting or knitting wool, cotton, etc

    • (as modifier): a cloth bag

  1. a piece of such fabric used for a particular purpose, as for a dishcloth

  1. the cloth

    • the clothes worn by a clergyman

    • the clergy

  2. obsolete clothing

  3. nautical any of the panels of a sail

  4. mainly British a piece of coloured fabric, used on the stage as scenery

  5. Western African a garment in a traditional non-European style

Origin of cloth

Old English clāth; related to Old Frisian klēth, Middle High German kleit cloth, clothing

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see out of whole cloth; sackcloth and ashes.

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