[ klohz-pin, klohthz-, klohs- ]


  1. a device, such as a forked piece of wood or plastic, for fastening articles to a clothesline.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of clothespin1

An Americanism dating back to 1840–50; clothes + pin

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Example Sentences

Then she folds closed five-pointed petals and seals them with a clothespin.

"Now we must put out the fire," said the rabbit, as he and the pussy were ready to go look for the clothespin house.

Built upon the most approved clothespin plan, with every bone perfectly–not to say generously–developed.

A very useful clothespin bag (Fig. 90) for mother can be easily made with a hammock hook and some ticking.

We shall use it for that purpose on the clothespin bag, before we sew the corners to the hook.

Turn the empty box facing you, and slide the prongs of a clothespin up through the open crack at the lower right hand of the box.


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