cloud cover


  1. a covering of clouds over all or part of the sky.
  2. the fraction of sky covered by clouds.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of cloud cover1

First recorded in 1940–45

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Example Sentences

The thickness of the cloud cover tends to increase as you head from Northern Virginia to Baltimore.

The spacecraft would launch around 2029 and drop a parachute-equipped, aeroshell-protected spherical probe that would sail through the cloud cover.

“A Lonely Man” is a superb suspense novel, imbued with moral and narrative complexity and an omnipresent low cloud cover of dread.

Isolated showers are possible in the afternoon, but most of us should remain dry, albeit with a bit more cloud cover for the second half of the day.

It’s possible that cloud cover could limit the destabilization of the atmosphere, particularly with early-morning passage of showers along the warm front.

At this point the hot, oppressive cloud-cover was beginning to part, and the moon was rising high above the desert.

But as the Flying Fortresses arrived over Normandy, gunning toward the bridge at Caen, the cloud cover suddenly thickened.

It flew above the cloud cover which still blotted out nearly all the blue overhead.

The cloud cover, broken some time since, was dissipating and now a good two-thirds of the sky was wholly clear.

"The boys got jumped out of cloud cover and were sitting ducks for the Jerries," the sergeant said sourly.

He hit the cloud cover and began dodging recklessly through it, changing his course constantly to throw his pursuers off.

The slim hope faded as they emerged from the cloud cover moments later.





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