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  1. Particles of water or ice suspended in the air. ( See cirrus clouds , cumulus clouds , nimbus clouds , and stratus clouds .)

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Example Sentences

The garrulous assistant to a fading screen siren in Clouds of Sils Maria.

The pilot had earlier called air-traffic control reporting heavy clouds and asked to move up to 38,000 feet from 32,000 feet.

His ideology is just so strong and so powerful that it clouds his vision for common sense and objectiveness.

Clouds are full of microbes; they have been found in deep mines and on the ocean floor.

“The way those painting depicted light and clouds always just stuck with me,” says Senatori.

The tops of the hills were laden with thunder-clouds, and the turbid atmosphere laboured with the stifling Sirocco.

He that adoreth God with joy, shall be accepted, and his prayer shall approach even to the clouds.

We stumbled along, close up, for the thick-piled clouds still hung their light-obscuring banners over the sky.

Long after the boats had disappeared, the kites could still be seen among the gorgeous clouds.

About midnight the combination of sultry heat and banked clouds produced the usual results.





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