[ kloh-vis ]


  1. of or relating to a Paleo-Indian cultural tradition of North America, especially the American Southwest, dated 10,000–9000 b.c. and characterized by a usually bifacial, fluted stone projectile point Clovis point used in big-game hunting.



[ kloh-vis ]


  1. a town in central California.
  2. a city in E New Mexico.
  3. a male given name.
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Word History and Origins

Origin of Clovis1

1955–60; after Clovis, New Mexico, near where such projectile points were found
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Example Sentences

The Clovis people could have occasionally hunted mammoths, he says, possibly by wounding and tracking the beasts until they died.

If Clovis people effectively hunted mammoths, their spears would have often hit ribs or other bones, Eren says.

For now, I’ll presume that both Clovis points and a fresh-baked croissant deserve to be real.

Until the 2000s, there was still open debate over whether a group known as the Clovis people were the first inhabitants of the Americas.

Without clear product wins and nostalgia to maintain momentum, Clovis could fall as quickly as it rises.

From Ozy

While the Clovis, California native may not have completely believed that, he wasn't about to sit around and find out.

Sam Clovis was recruited to the Iowa GOP ticket to deliver right-wing votes to Senate candidate Joni Ernst.

“Presidential impeachment under almost any circumstances has a way of dividing America,” Clovis said.

In 2013, for example, Clovis said that it would be difficult to impeach the President “because he claims to be black.”

The first U.S. immigrants were known as the Clovis people and arrived 13,000 years ago from Asia.

Clovis made himself master of the city through the treason of Saint Remy, who baptized that crowned bandit at Rheims.

The help of one of the sons of Clovis had been unwisely invoked for this operation.

Gaul, attracts Attila, 22; changed by Clovis' conversion, 190.

The first victory of Clovis had insulted the honor of the Goths.

Encouraged by this favourable prognostic, Clovis girded on his armour, engaged in battle, and gained a complete victory.





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