coal mine


  1. a mine or pit from which coal is obtained.

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Other Words From

  • coal miner noun
  • coal mining noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of coal mine1

First recorded in 1605–15

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Example Sentences

A late-blooming environmentalist, Stearns grew up in the coal mine spoils that once littered the forest.

“Our CTO talks about running a coal mine in reverse,” Jones said.

In Illinois they once had coal mines, which have since had to restore the land to its original status.

Justice, a billionaire whom Forbes has labeled the richest person in the state, owns a vast array of businesses, including coal mines, resort hotels and agricultural interests, many of them regulated by state agencies that report to him.

He is especially familiar with the West Antarctic Peninsula, the northern-most tip of Antarctica that is one of the most rapidly warming places in the world, and is often seen as a “canary in the coal mine” for climate change.

The aforementioned stories may very well be legitimate, but let's consider them a sort of canary in the coal mine.

Since retail can be the canary in the coal mine for the broader economy, there's real reason to be anxious.

And what if they're only the canary in the coal mine for doctors and MBAs and government workers?

The Pike River coal mine is about 50 miles northeast of Greymouth and is in a steep mountainous area.

Just such a stream of men as at home might issue at night from a coal mine, too weary for speech.

If you want to see an earthquake in a coal mine, just come along with me!

Soon tears might be seen forming white gutters down cheeks blackened from the coal mine.

Looking away toward the top of the ridge where a single power line cut across to a distant coal mine, he said, “We might do it.”

Going to the west as far as Pontefract, we come to the actual borders of the coal-mine and factory-bestrewn country.





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