[ koh-uh-les ]
/ ˌkoʊ əˈlɛs /

verb (used without object), co·a·lesced, co·a·lesc·ing.

to grow together or into one body: The two lakes coalesced into one.
to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc.: The various groups coalesced into a crowd.
to blend or come together: Their ideas coalesced into one theory.

verb (used with object), co·a·lesced, co·a·lesc·ing.

to cause to unite in one body or mass.

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Origin of coalesce

1535–45; < Latin coalēscere, equivalent to co- co- + al- (stem of alere to nourish, make grow) + -ēscere -esce

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/ (ˌkəʊəˈlɛs) /


(intr) to unite or come together in one body or mass; merge; fuse; blend
Derived Formscoalescence, nouncoalescent, adjective

Word Origin for coalesce

C16: from Latin coalēscere from co- + alēscere to increase, from alere to nourish

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Word Origin and History for coalesce



1540s, from Latin coalescere "to unite, grow together, become one in growth," from com- "together" (see co-) + alescere "to grow up" (see adolescent). Related: Coalesced; coalescing; coalescence; coalescent.

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