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[ koht ]


  1. an outer garment with sleeves, covering at least the upper part of the body:

    a new fur coat; a coat for formal wear.

  2. a natural integument or covering, as the hair, fur, or wool of an animal, the bark of a tree, or the skin of a fruit.
  3. a layer of anything that covers a surface:

    That wall needs another coat of paint.

  4. a mucous layer covering or lining an organ or connected parts, as on the tongue.
  5. Archaic. a petticoat or skirt.
  6. Obsolete.
    1. a garment indicating profession, class, etc.
    2. the profession, class, etc., so indicated.

verb (used with object)

  1. to cover with a layer or coating: The furniture was coated with dust.

    He coated the wall with paint.

    The furniture was coated with dust.

    Synonyms: encrust, smear, lay

  2. to cover thickly, especially with a viscous fluid or substance:

    Heat the mixture until it coats a spoon. The boy was coated with mud from head to foot.

  3. to cover or provide with a coat.


/ kəʊt /


  1. an outdoor garment with sleeves, covering the body from the shoulder to waist, knee, or foot
  2. any similar garment, esp one forming the top to a suit
  3. a layer that covers or conceals a surface

    a coat of dust

  4. the hair, wool, or fur of an animal
  5. short for coat of arms
  6. on the coat
    in disfavour


  1. troften foll bywith to cover (with) a layer or covering
  2. tr to provide with a coat

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Other Words From

  • coater noun
  • coatless adjective
  • re·coat verb (used with object)
  • recoat noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of coat1

First recorded in 1250–1300; Middle English cote, from Anglo-French, Old French, from Germanic; compare German Kotze, Old Saxon cott “woolen coat”

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Word History and Origins

Origin of coat1

C16: from Old French cote of Germanic origin; compare Old Saxon kotta, Old High German kozzo

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Example Sentences

It sat in my coat pocket and warmed my hand as I boarded Amtrak to go back to Penn Station.

From Eater

At a height of 62 inches, it’s also roomy enough to hold long garments like coats and dresses without dragging them on the ground.

Since they’re made of rigid material, bugs also have a hard time getting in, making this a great choice for wool blankets and coats.

Male prisoners would usually rip the lining and seams of the coat to shreds, keeping only the outer shell intact.

Train was perfect for this job because his thick coat protected him from plants with spines and prickles.

He wore white gloves, a dignified long black coat, and matching pants and vest, and he carried a dark walking stick.

Place the thinly sliced shallots in a medium bowl and pour buttermilk over to coat.

The man finally manages to break free with the help of the others, slipping out of his coat.

Micah is 10 years old and he had a coat geared to the season, a Patagonia winter jacket with a hood.

He tore a piece of meat off the breast and stroked her coat while she ate.

He is rather tall and narrow, and wears a long abb's coat reaching nearly down to his feet.

You don't mind staying here in the sunshine, I hope, while my coat dries?

Presently he began to shiver so, with some sort of a chill, that I took off my coat and wrapped it round him.

He scratched his head in vexation, sat down, and as he did so, saw that his coat hung also upon the chair.

I queried; and as I asked the question I noticed for the first time the gilt bars on his coat sleeve.





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