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[ koh-ak-see-uhl ]


  1. Also co·ax·al [] having a common axis or coincident axes.
  2. Geometry.
    1. (of a set of circles) having the property that each pair of circles has the same radical axis.
    2. (of planes) intersecting in a straight line.
  3. (of a loudspeaker) having two or more cones with their centers mounted on the same axis.


/ kəʊˈæksəl; kəʊˈæksɪəl /


  1. having or being mounted on a common axis
  2. geometry (of a set of circles) having all the centres on a straight line
  3. electronics formed from, using, or connected to a coaxial cable
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Other Words From

  • co·axi·al·ly adverb
  • unco·axal adjective
  • unco·axi·al adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of coaxial1

First recorded in 1880–85; co- + axial
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Example Sentences

To get at the matter of the Cloud we must unravel the coils of coaxial cables, fiber optic tubes, cellular towers, air conditioners, power distribution units, transformers, water pipes, computer servers, and more.

In a house with coaxial ports in multiple rooms, there are hardwired extenders you can install that can rebroadcast your router’s signal to improve range and reliability.

In the case of the Space Shuttle, for example, fabricating the rocket part that injects streams of fuel into an engine’s thrust chamber—called the shear-coaxial injector—took two years.

“A lot of homes already have a coaxial network in them,” explains Clayton, referring to those twisty-turny cables you use for cable TV, internet, or over-the-air antennas.

With a coaxial-over-ethernet converter, you can use those cables and turn them into a home network.

Inside this anchor tube ran the thick coaxial cable that fed three-phase electric power from the atomic pile to the ship.

Power for the innumerable huge coaxial snakes was several times inadequate, which problem no one, of course, had foreseen.

Let a solid circular sectioned cylinder of radius R1 be enclosed in a coaxial tube of inner radius R2.

The same arrangement can be supplied to a pair of coaxial cylinders.

The probe looked like an aluminum pipe but was really a special tube built like a segment of coaxial cable.


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