[ koch-uh-neel, koh-chuh-, koch-uh-neel, koh-chuh- ]
/ ˌkɒtʃ əˈnil, ˌkoʊ tʃə-, ˈkɒtʃ əˌnil, ˈkoʊ tʃə- /
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a red dye prepared from the dried bodies of the females of the cochineal insect, Dactylopius coccus, which lives on cactuses of Mexico, Central America, and other warm regions.



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Origin of cochineal

1575–85; <Middle French cochinille<Spanish cochinilla the insect; of obscure origin; perhaps to be identified with Spanish cochinilla sow bug (assuming a likeness between it and the female cochineal insect), diminutive of cochina sow, but chronology is doubtful
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British Dictionary definitions for cochineal

/ (ˌkɒtʃɪˈniːl, ˈkɒtʃɪˌniːl) /


Also called: cochineal insect a Mexican homopterous insect, Dactylopius coccus, that feeds on cacti
a crimson substance obtained from the crushed bodies of these insects, used for colouring food and for dyeing
  1. the colour of this dye
  2. (as adjective)cochineal shoes
C16: from Old Spanish cochinilla, from Latin coccineus scarlet-coloured, from coccum cochineal kermes, from Greek kokkos kermes berry
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Medical definitions for cochineal

[ kŏch′ə-nēl, kŏchə-nēl′, kō′chə-nēl′, kōchə-nēl′ ]


A red dye made of dried, pulverized female cochineal insects and used as a biological stain and as an indicator in acid-base titrations.
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