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see go off half-cocked ; knock into a cocked hat .

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Example Sentences

But gerrymandering has cold cocked the pendulum weight, stopped it dead.

A cop pulled him over; the rookie had his gun cocked; the gun went off.

Then, incredibly, he cocked his head and started making cooing sounds at the baby.

One young boy cocked his mud rifle at me and asked for his picture to be taken.

We stood in the open doors with one foot resting on the sill and an elbow cocked on the roof, looking cool.

Sangree and I, with cocked guns, watched the shore lines, and all within easy touch and speaking distance.

A field-marshal has his uniform, a bishop his silk apron, a counsellor his silk gown, a beadle his cocked hat.

Nothing like them ever heard beforeall tuned in the same key, as you musical fellows would say, and Perkins cocked his eye.

He frowns and looks enviously at the sword and cocked hat which the General has left on a chair.

Cash cocked an eye at the two as he went by, threw the wood down on his side of the hearth, and began to replenish the fire.


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