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code name


[ kohd neym ]


  1. a name assigned to conceal the real identity of a person, as a spy, or to conceal the existence or purpose of a plan, military operation, etc.
  2. Also called code phrase. a word or phrase assigned a meaning understood only by those who are secretly informed of it.



[ kohd-neym ]

verb (used with object)

, code-named, code-nam·ing.
  1. to assign a code name to.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of code name1

First recorded in 1915–20

Origin of code name2

First recorded in 1955–60

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Example Sentences

The vaccine is still known by the code name BTN162, but once it’s authorized, expect Pfizer to give it a new, commercial name that conveys something about what’s in it and what it promises for the world.

Beyond “skybnb,” agents adopt code names such as “Diva Cruise” for Princess Cruises and “The Fruit” for Apple.

Tesla’s struggles with the Model 3 were a setback to that thesis, but Tesla has forged ahead with streamlining battery production under the code name Project Roadrunner, and the potential benefits are huge.

From Fortune

Churchill welcomed the approach and immediately continued the exchanges using the code name “naval person.”

Inside Camp King, the LSD program was expanded and given a new code name.

While they are keeping details tight, they did spill the code name: “Hats and Hatchets.”

And it is my code name that has brought on so many dick pics.

Perhaps his code name, Carlos Danger, offered him a sort of freedom from his Weiner persona.

So that the notices of matches might not give direct evidence of our identity, each Unit was allotted a code name.

Allen reported regularly to Chapman, signing his letters with the code name "Rosenthal."

These several documents are usually referred to as Project Clear, the code name for the complete version.

The origin of the code name Trinity for the test site is also interesting, but the true source is unknown.





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