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[ kod-uh-fahyd, koh-duh- ]


  1. (of rules, laws, etc.) compiled into an orderly, formal code:

    The Cherokee Nation became a republic in 1827, with a chief, a bicameral council, a constitution, and a codified body of laws.

  2. arranged in a digest or systematic collection:

    The officer corps developed a codified body of expert military knowledge and cultivated a unique military culture.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of codify ( def ).
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  • non·cod·i·fied adjective
  • un·cod·i·fied adjective
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Example Sentences

Industry experts said its passage, with the support of a clear majority in a deep blue state, had the potential to kick off similar efforts in labor friendly locations to codify the gig economy’s independent contractor model in law.

The drivers included some affiliated with labor organizing and the campaign against the measure, Proposition 22, which would codify drivers’ status as independent contractors in the state.

Indeed, within weeks, the EPA introduced a new regulation to codify the practice.

That the rules were somehow codified in the rule of law and in our Constitution.

A Facebook group called Essential Family Caregivers wants to codify national access.

On his watch, Obamacare became the law of the land, with government-driven health insurance a codified right.

The juror is said to have invoked common sense in the face of the statutes as codified by the State of Illinois.

Affleck, as if on cue, challenged Harris: “Are you the person who understands the officially codified doctrine of Islam?”

He hardly spares any codified religion from his angry denunciations, including Orthodoxy.

Oberlin College codified the trigger warning into its teacher guide, telling professors to “avoid” triggers in their classrooms.

They have all been worked over, codified, filled with theological and symbolistic content by priests and poets.

They profess to date substantially from Howel dda, who codified the local customs about the middle of the tenth century.

They were relations that were readily codified and made invariable, since they had no essential practical content or function.

There is no civilised State in existence whose Municipal Law is not to a greater or lesser extent codified.

Writers had classified feminine beauty and codified the different situations which might arise in the course of a romance.