[ koh-ding ]


  1. Computers. the act or process of writing code, or the instructions for a program or piece of software:

    There’s a bit of coding left to do, and then we’ll be ready to beta-test.

    He likes to do the software design, but leaves the actual coding to others.

  2. the act or process of expressing a message in words, images, sounds, or any other set of symbols or signs; encoding:

    The secret coding of ship messages hindered rescue efforts during the war.

    In advertising, the coding of your message can make or break your marketing strategy.

  3. the act or process of categorizing or identifying a set of things by assigning a code to them:

    Using color coding along with the bin labels will increase the sorting productivity and accuracy of mail clerks.

  4. Statistics. the act of transforming a random variable into one that is more convenient for certain types of analysis or for the removal of invalid data.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of coding1

First recorded in 1865–70 originally used for telegraphy; code + -ing 1
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Example Sentences

Now age 12, she is founder and chief executive of CoderBunnyz, a business that aims to make coding fun for everyone.

If you have no good coding system, you are always running a considerable risk .

Just looking at it as a coding simulation, it feels very impersonal.

Last year, Lambda School raised $74 million for its coding education program.

Not true, says Blomfield, telling me it was a five-day project designed to get back into coding and play with a robotic 2D printer.

He called his college roommate, Sam Yam, who immediately got to coding; within months, their website, Patreon, was launched.

So we learned everything ourselves—designing circuit boards, coding—and persuaded fashion manufacturers to work with us.

Acclaimed novelist Vikram Chandra is equally obsessed with the tech world of computer coding and the realm of imagination.

For those with coding experience, you might also consider whether the data is available through an API.

George said coding and digital innovation were becoming basic artistic methods.

The process, both of coding and of uncoding, is very laborious, and hardly pays for the trouble involved.

However, some concessions have been made, partly to simplify coding.

He reached a decision and nodded to Prochaska, then began coding his thoughts.

Sir Oliver Lodge was present with me at one of the performances at which the time-coding method was used.

I also had in my mind the fact that there is a method of communicating figures by time-coding.