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coffee maker


  1. Also coffee·maker. an apparatus for brewing coffee; coffeepot.
  2. a person or company that blends, roasts, or brews coffee.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of coffee maker1

First recorded in 1925–30

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Example Sentences

Between the coffee maker, the toaster, and the microwave, counter space can be hard to come by—which is why it’s a good idea to think through what items you want to display.

AmazonThis coffee maker is a flexible and thoughtfully designed option for every home and office.

I have subtly mentioned she should try some of the new individual-cup coffee makers, but the suggestion gets shot down quickly.

A better one would be to have your spouse buy a new coffee maker “for the house” and plug it in without warning.

It has an oversize handle for easing pouring and a shatterproof carafe—features I wish all coffee makers had.

Available at Anova Aeropress Coffee Espresso Maker, $26 Every year, there seems to be a new favorite coffee maker.

Using vinegar to break up the calcium carbonate deposits in your coffee maker?

In 1914, the Phylax coffee maker, embodying an improvement on the French drip principle, was introduced to the trade.

If ever there was an inspired coffee maker, Miss Roy was that person.

One special call she returned once she was sitting in her room, relaxed, with a cup of coffee from the in-room coffee-maker.

The coffee on the fire boiled up; we straightened ourselves in expectation as the coffee-maker reached out his hand.

The coffee on the fire came to the boil, the coffee-maker poured it back into the original pot, which he again set on the ashes.


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