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verb (used without object)
  1. to live together as if married, usually without legal or religious sanction.
  2. to live together in an intimate relationship.
  3. to dwell with another or share the same place, as different species of animals.
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Origin of cohabit

1520–30; < Late Latin cohabitāre, equivalent to co- co- + habitāre to have possession, abide (frequentative of habēre to have, own)
Related formsco·hab·it·ant, co·hab·it·er, nounco·hab·i·ta·tion, nounnon·co·hab·i·ta·tion, noun
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cohabitation, consummation, sex, coitus, copula, copulation, intercourse, intimacy, lovemaking, mating, nookie, relations

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British Dictionary definitions for cohabitation


  1. the state or condition of living together as husband and wife without being married
  2. (of political parties) the state or condition of cooperating for specific purposes without forming a coalition
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  1. (intr) to live together as husband and wife, esp without being married
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Derived Formscohabitee, cohabitant or cohabiter, noun

Word Origin for cohabit

C16: via Late Latin, from Latin co- together + habitāre to live
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Word Origin and History for cohabitation


mid-15c., "action or state of living together (especially as husband and wife)," from Middle French cohabitation (Old French cohabitacion "cohabitation, sexual intercourse"), from Late Latin cohabitationem (nominative cohabitatio), noun of action from past participle stem of cohabitare "to dwell together," from co- "with, together" (see co-) + habitare "to live, dwell" (see habitat).

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euphemism since 1530s to describe a couple living together without benefit of marriage; back-formation from cohabitation. Related: Cohabited; cohabiting.

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