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verb (used without object), co·hered, co·her·ing.
  1. to stick together; be united; hold fast, as parts of the same mass: The particles of wet flour cohered to form a paste.
  2. Physics. (of two or more similar substances) to be united within a body by the action of molecular forces.
  3. to be naturally or logically connected: Without sound reasoning no argument will cohere.
  4. to agree; be congruous: Her account of the incident cohered with his.
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Origin of cohere

1590–1600; < Latin cohaerēre, equivalent to co- co- + haerēre to stick, cling

Synonyms for cohere

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1. See stick2. 3. follow.
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consolidate, cleave, glue, join, associate, bind, coalesce, unite, adhere, merge, fuse, combine, connect, hold, blend, conform, accord, square, dovetail, relate

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Historical Examples of cohere

  • But some things do not at all cohere with what is otherwise known of Albert.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 3, Part 1, Slice 1


  • There must be no interval, that is, between the parts, or they will not cohere.

  • Milk will be necessary to mix it, and also a beaten egg to make it cohere.

    The Young Housekeeper's Friend

    Mrs. (Mary Hooker) Cornelius

  • When the two cohere they establish the current of existence.

  • Had it shaken the atoms of his young purpose too far astray for them ever to cohere again?

    Old Crow

    Alice Brown

British Dictionary definitions for cohere


verb (intr)
  1. to hold or stick firmly together
  2. to be connected logically; be consistent
  3. physics to be held together by the action of molecular forces
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Word Origin for cohere

C16: from Latin cohaerēre from co- together + haerēre to cling, adhere
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Word Origin and History for cohere


1590s, from Latin cohaerere "to cleave together," in transferred use, "be coherent or consistent," from com- "together" (see co-) + haerere "to stick" (see hesitation). Related: Cohered; cohering.

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