[ koh-heer ]
/ koʊˈhɪər /

verb (used without object), co·hered, co·her·ing.

to stick together; be united; hold fast, as parts of the same mass: The particles of wet flour cohered to form a paste.
Physics. (of two or more similar substances) to be united within a body by the action of molecular forces.
to be naturally or logically connected: Without sound reasoning no argument will cohere.
to agree; be congruous: Her account of the incident cohered with his.

Origin of cohere

1590–1600; < Latin cohaerēre, equivalent to co- co- + haerēre to stick, cling


1 See stick2.
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/ (kəʊˈhɪə) /

verb (intr)

to hold or stick firmly together
to be connected logically; be consistent
physics to be held together by the action of molecular forces

Word Origin for cohere

C16: from Latin cohaerēre from co- together + haerēre to cling, adhere
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