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  1. Edwin Joseph, 1892–1953, U.S. chemist and researcher on blood proteins.
  2. Fer·di·nand Ju·li·us [fur, -dn-and , jool, -y, uh, s, fer, -di-nahnt , yoo, -lee-, oo, s], 1828–98, German botanist and bacteriologist.
  3. Roy Marcus, 1927–86, U.S. lawyer, aide to Senator Joseph McCarthy.

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While NFTs of columns or articles may feel exhausted after early experimentation, Cohn said that the idea of comparing NFTs to collectibles like trading cards is not only limiting creatively, but in reality, stage one of the crypto revolution.

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Some studies have suggested that absentee voting didn’t help Democrats’ margin in 2020, or as Cohn’s analysis of Georgia’s law suggests — it’s really hard to know whether this will impact turnout negatively in elections moving forward.

The company has grown its portfolio of podcasts to six, which attracts 3 million unique listens and 25 million downloads monthly, Cohn said.

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“Retention has been one of our best stories of the year,” Cohn said.

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Long-running cohort studies are one of the best tools scientists have for finding such links, Cohn says.

Fame came only after Cohn pressured her to diet, dye her hair, cap her teeth, and change her name.

Cohn did, but only after Sinatra agreed to a salary of just of $8,000.

Further, Obamacare is redistributive, as Jonathan Cohn of The New Republic and Tom Edsall at the New York Times acknowledge.

But isn't the scenario Cohn envisions in 2020 far different than what we face today?

Like Chait and Cohn, I have a Michigan connection and once worked at The New Republic.

I jes stir up a little cohn meal and watah, adds some salt and other truck and cooks it till it's done.

Professor P. Cohn has recently described the mode in which he has manufactured the Japanese sake or rice wine in the laboratory.

Thus invited, Cohn began, and confided to the great sculptor's sympathetic ear the whole story of his youth and boyhood.

The winter—Hiram and Cohn's first winter in Italy—had worn away quickly enough.

He asked the price, and Cohn, wise by experience, stipulated for time to consult Maragliano.





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