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[kol-chi-kuh m, kol-ki-]
  1. any Old World plant of the genus Colchicum, of the lily family, especially the autumn crocus, C. autumnale.
  2. the dried seeds or corms of this plant.
  3. Pharmacology. a medicine or drug prepared from them, used in medicine chiefly in the treatment of gout.
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Origin of colchicum

1590–1600; < New Latin, Latin < Greek kolchikón meadow saffron, noun use of neuter of Kolchikós of Colchis, apparently by association with Medea, the plant being considered poisonous
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  1. any Eurasian liliaceous plant of the genus Colchicum, such as the autumn crocus
  2. the dried seeds or corms of the autumn crocus: a source of colchicine
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Word Origin for colchicum

C16: from Latin, from Greek kolkhikon, from kolkhikos of Colchis
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