cold drink


  1. a beverage that is chilled.
  2. Chiefly Southern U.S. soft drink.

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Example Sentences

Something as simple as bringing a child inside, offering them a cold drink, and having them rest can make a difference.

Some of these models can also make deliciously frothy hot chocolate, tea, or cold drinks.

If you were family and you got past his gate, he’d warmly tell you, “Well, come on in and have a cold drink, have a Pepsi.”

From Vox

Most concession stands remain shuttered, though a few are open offering Bento boxes and instant ramen and cold drinks for the benefit of the press and other attendees.

From Axios

While the heat may encourage some to relax with a cold drink, hot weather can make people grumpy, irritable and even violent.

From Ozy

We stopped for a cold drink on the way back and Bronagh looked across the parking lot to see a yellow SUV.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from heat, it is sensible to cool your body by a cold drink.

Now you get a nice cold drink, or your lunch, or something, and meet me back here in a couple of hours.

When the body is perspiring freely, taking a large quantity of cold drink has often produced instant death.

You must always rest a bit, when you are so warm from running, walking or playing, before you take a cold drink of anything.

Nick found a dime in his pocket and treated himself to a cold drink, while he tried to figure out where he was.





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