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[koh-lee-op-ter-uh n, kol-ee-]
  1. belonging or pertaining to the order Coleoptera.
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  1. a beetle.
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Origin of coleopteran

First recorded in 1840–50; Coleopter(a) + -an
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Historical Examples

  • A coleopteran struck me in the eye—one of the hydrophilidae family!

    The Haunted Pajamas

    Francis Perry Elliott

  • Frontal ridge: in Coleopteran; a sharp ridge on the dorsal margin of the eye, extending forward.

  • Grub: an insect larva: a term loosely applied, but more specifically to larvae of Coleopteran and Hymenoptera.

  • Humeralis: Coleopteran; when the elytral has an angulated projecting margin at base.

  • Heteromera: Coleopteran in which the anterior and middle tarsi are 5- jointed and the posterior are 4-jointed.

British Dictionary definitions for coleopteran


noun Also: coleopteron
  1. any of the insects of the cosmopolitan order Coleoptera, in which the forewings are modified to form shell-like protective elytra. The order includes the beetles and weevils
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adjective Also: coleopterous
  1. of, relating to, or belonging to the order Coleoptera
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Word Origin

C18: from New Latin Coleoptera, from Greek koleoptera, from koleopteros sheath-winged, from koleon sheath + pteron wing
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coleopteran in Science


[kō′lē-ŏptər-ən, kŏl′ē-]
  1. Any of numerous insects of the order Coleoptera, characterized by forewings modified to form tough protective covers for the membranous hind wings. Coleopterans include the beetles, weevils, and fireflies.
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