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[ kuh-lab-uh-rey-tiv, -er-uh-tiv ]


  1. characterized or accomplished by collaboration:

    collaborative methods; a collaborative report.

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Other Words From

  • col·labo·rative·ly adverb
  • uncol·labo·rative adjective
  • uncol·labo·rative·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

The collaborative online office and document service was not loading as of around 9am ET on Friday, preventing anyone who relies on the service from accessing their cloud-stored data.

As a creative team, in a highly collaborative process of making greeting cards, we were able to pivot very quickly into something we could do remotely.

From Vox

Looking at the future of collaborative spaces, Gold said there’s a part of the advertising industry that has known that virtual spaces like Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams are technologies that should have been adopted a long time ago.

From Digiday

So, instead of hosting a virtual meeting, colleagues in an asynchronous work environment would share a deck of a new initiative they’re working on via a cross-company platform and take feedback via a collaborative tool.

From Digiday

The work also represented a new kind of collaborative journalism rooted in trust and respect for the people who stepped forward to share their stories.

“From the start it was a collaborative effort,” VanDyke says.

The result has been the greatest collaborative knowledge project in history.

One is Margari Aziza Hill, an African-American Muslim who serves as programming director of the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative.

In my view, this exacts a heavy toll on live performance, collaborative esthetics, and the variety of life and its expression.

The designer follows in the collaborative footsteps of Pharrell Williams, Raf Simons, and Stella McCartney.

It was long after midnight when the collaborative composition of that famous despatch was finished.

The claim has been made by other critics that "Titus" was "collaborative," but Professor Wendell's is that it was an "imitation."

Collaborative effort needs to be brought to the forefront of the educational experience.

A variety of different interests can be brought into focus through sharing and collaborative learning.

Electronic books constituted over networks (wired or wireless) support a wide range of collaborative activities.


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More About Collaborative

What does collaborative mean?

Collaborative is an adjective that describes an effort in which people work together (that is, one in which they collaborate).

Collaborative is often used in a positive context to refer to two or more parties successfully working together on a goal or shared project. It’s also increasingly used as a noun for an organized joint effort.

Example: The groundbreaking new album was a collaborative effort by the two musicians, who usually have very different styles.

Where does collaborative come from?

Collaborative is formed from the combination of the verb collaborate, meaning to work together or cooperate, and the suffix -ive, which is used to form adjectives expressing tendency, function, etc. Collaborate was first recorded between 1870–75 and collaborative soon followed, recorded by the early 1900s.

Collaborative can be used in any context in which people work together: art, business, education—the collaborative possibilities are endless. The word is usually used to describe the process of working together (a collaborative effort between two artists to paint a mural) or the result of such a process (a collaborative report issued by all three departments).

More recently, collaborative has come to be used as a noun referring to an organized group effort, especially one involving a community (a neighborhood service collaborative).

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What are some other forms of collaborative?


  • collaboratively (adverb)


What are some synonyms for collaborative?

What are some words that share a root or word element with collaborative?

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How is collaborative used in real life?

Collaborative can be used for many different situations, and is particularly associated with cooperative processes that are creative or artistic.



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