or col·laps·a·ble

[ kuh-lap-suh-buhl ]


  1. capable of collapsing or of being collapsed, as for carrying or storing.


  1. something that is collapsible:

    The auditorium chairs are collapsibles that store easily.

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Other Words From

  • col·lapsi·bili·ty col·lapsa·bili·ty noun
  • noncol·lapsa·bili·ty noun
  • noncol·lapsa·ble adjective
  • noncol·lapsi·bili·ty noun
  • noncol·lapsi·ble adjective
  • precol·lapsa·bili·ty noun
  • precol·lapsa·ble adjective
  • precol·lapsi·bili·ty noun
  • precol·lapsi·ble adjective
  • uncol·lapsa·ble adjective
  • uncol·lapsi·ble adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of collapsible1

First recorded in 1835–45; collapse + -ible
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Example Sentences

It also comes with a collapsible bag that rests on top, in case you need to lug other essentials, like cups or plates.

It has a 1,875-watt motor, four heat settings, a concentrator nozzle, and a collapsible silicone diffuser, making it certainly the best hair dryer for fine hair.

A useful feature is they are fully collapsible which is practical for storing in your jacket pocket or bag.

Because we are a nation of apartment dwellers, our very home life is quickly becoming collapsible.

Everything about an apartment is collapsible – collapsible bed, collapsible table, collapsible piano – everything is collapsible but the baby.

INSIDER TIP: Bring a collapsible sports chair and (try to) leave room for pecan pie and bread pudding.

Mandatory seat belts, laminated windshield glass, collapsible steering wheels and air bags followed.

Sachi Collapsible Insulated Basket  Technically, this is not a piece of kitchen equipment.

My father carried a rucksack, a Tommy gun, lots of spare rounds of ammunition, various grenades and a collapsible bicycle.

Pyne lowered two of the collapsible seats for Kilfane and himself, and the party set out for Limehouse.

Others carried a great number of small collapsible boats, which are used as pontoons in crossing rivers.

The collapsible boats A and B appear to have floated off the ship at the time she foundered.

Around them the earth is piled high, and oxen hitched to the well ropes draw up the water in collapsible leather bags or buckets.

Ould Silver wud never pay actor-man or woman their just dues, an' by consequince his comp'nies was collapsible at the last minut.





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