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[ kuh-ley-tid, koh-, ko-, koh-ley-, kol-ey- ]


  1. (of pages or folios of a book) gathered into proper sequence:

    To bind your book, place the collated pages and covers into the unit, where the binding glue must be at "ready" temperature status.

  2. brought together and organized, usually with annotation or comparison:

    I am enclosing the collated results of the parents' questionnaire.

  3. Computers. (of sequenced data from two or more sets or files) merged to produce a single new sequenced data set or file:

    The synthesis of our collated data sets revealed a wide range of seasonal dynamics in Australian vegetation.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of collate ( def ).
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  • un·col·lat·ed adjective
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Example Sentences

I show her the pile and explain that I need two copies of each, collated, please.

From the annual reports which had been submitted by succeeding Commissioners of Police it collated the figures of sexual crime.

On being collated it was found to want six leaves, and was consequently returned, and resold to Mr. Watson Taylor for 131, 5s.

To make sure that he had rightly estimated their meaning on a first perusal, he should have collated all his references in proof.

The play has now been carefully collated, and the more important variations pointed out in the notes.

He received his first clerical appointment from Warham, by whom he was collated to the rectory of Mersham in Kent.