/ kɒˈlɛt /


  1. ColletteToni1972FAustralianFILMS AND TV: actress Toni , full name Antonia Collette . born 1972, Australian film actress. Her films include Muriel's Wedding (1994), The Sixth Sense (1999) and Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

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Example Sentences

Still, the actors do their best, especially Brosnan and Collette.

That said, Collette, Donovan, and McDermott are very good, and this could develop into something twisty and taut.

Now Collette isn't just playing a mentally ill woman, she's also playing her own shrink.

The special charm of Tara—and the reason the role was irresistible to Collette—is that these identities are so distinct.

Toni Collette, beating out Tina Fey, is very nearly forced to admit that no one watches her very fine show.

There were several people in the room, already, among them the beautiful Mademoiselle Collette.

Collette, who had been standing near him, watching every motion, drew back with an exclamation of horror and surprise.

At sight of Collette she seemed both defiant and restless, as though sensing trouble, I thought.

There was just a faint movement of the lips, as though as the man came back from another world he would have called, "Collette!"

One of these was the house of Collette; and at his door our ill-starred John was presently beating for admittance.





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