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collision course


  1. a course or path of a vehicle, projectile, etc., that, if unchanged, will lead to a collision with another object.
  2. any plan, attitude, or course of action that leads to a confrontation or conflict with another.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of collision course1

First recorded in 1940–45
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Example Sentences

However, in using her light hue for convenience, she is thrust down a collision course that leaves her barreling toward Clare.

The Gonzaga men’s basketball program is on a collision course with history.

Unlike last winter, when the Washington Nationals and Ryan Zimmerman were on another collision course, Mike Rizzo now sees first base as a way to really upgrade his offense.

Given a set of particles on a collision course, you can use their properties to construct a geometric object — the amplituhedron.

For years Salesforce has been setting itself on a collision course with Microsoft over the fast-growing and highly lucrative “cloud” market.

From Fortune

In November, Kiir dissolved all internal party structures, setting the two men on a collision course.

The train is once again on a collision course with five innocent people.

Leaving Bologna would set Hakimi on a collision course with the War on Terror.

The U.S. and Iran are on a collision course, one that ends very badly for everyone involved.

To cap it all, Regev argues that Rabbi Amar and the state of Israel are “on a collision course with world Jewry.”

Instantly, the searchers moved to close in the arc and meet him on a collision course.

Shes bound on collision course for Sol, only twenty million miles out now.

Democratic ideals and the upward distribution of wealth are on a collision course.

Driving ahead and downward, at maximum power, Phryges swung his ship slowly into a right-angle collision course.

That plane steadied on a collision course and let go its wing load of rockets.





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