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verb (used with object), col·lo·cat·ed, col·lo·cat·ing.
  1. to set or place together, especially side by side.
  2. to arrange in proper order: to collocate events.
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verb (used without object), col·lo·cat·ed, col·lo·cat·ing.
  1. Linguistics. to enter into a collocation.
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  1. Linguistics. a lexical item that collocates with another.
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Origin of collocate

1505–15; < Latin collocātus (past participle of collocāre), equivalent to col- col-1 + loc(us) place + -ātus -ate1
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Related Words

accumulate, gather, parallel, collect, assemble, collimate

Examples from the Web for collocated

Historical Examples

  • He is passing over rugged land, and about his way the clouds are collocated wildly.

    The Illustrated Key to the Tarot

    L. W. de Laurence

  • Finally, the human mind approaches the question—Why have these physical agencies been so collocated or adjusted?

    The Theistic Conception of the World

    B. F. (Benjamin Franklin) Cocker

  • We have indefinite variability because they may be collocated in any conceivable or inconceivable way.

British Dictionary definitions for collocated


  1. (tr) to group or place together in some system or order
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Word Origin

C16: from Latin collocāre, from com- together + locāre to place, from locus place
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Word Origin and History for collocated



1510s, from Latin collocatus, past participle of collocare "to arrange, place together, set in a place," from com- "together" (see com-) + locare "to place" (see locate). Meaning "conference, consultation" is mid-14c. Related: collocated; collocating.

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