Colorado Springs


  1. a city in central Colorado: resort; U.S. Air Force Academy.

Colorado Springs


  1. a city and resort in central Colorado. Pop: 370 448 (2003 est)

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Example Sentences

Suggs said none of his athletes in Colorado Springs have tested positive for the coronavirus.

USA Volleyball hasn’t held national camps at the training center since last February, and USA Swimming has been unable to send its medal hopefuls to Colorado Springs for camps, testing and specialized instruction.

Soto, who used to be undocumented herself, says she knows of at least 30 undocumented families that are homeless because of the pandemic in El Paso County, which includes Colorado Springs.

From Time

Once, years before being hired at Gearmunk, Celmer visited its offices in Colorado Springs when she was working for another company in the same neighborhood.

The event’s founder, Erik Boles, is a 50-year-old resident of Colorado Springs, Colorado, who started a gear-review site called Gearmunk in 2014.

While he was a Colorado Springs police officer, Ron Stallworth successfully infiltrated the KKK, even though he was black.

When Celeste Shaw was growing up in Colorado Springs, she and Sara, her younger sister, were inseparable.

Shaw filed a missing persons report with the Colorado Springs Police Department and contacted the American consulate in Tijuana.

Shortly Harry is expected to get on a plane to Colorado Springs next where he'll cheer on vets at the Warrior Games.

The area around Colorado Springs, with its tourism industry and military concentration, tends to vote Republican.

A few years ago planting was undertaken on the watershed of the Colorado Springs, Colorado, reservoir.

We didn't down brakes until we reached Colorado Springs; there we changed cars for Manitou.

Colorado Springs, forty-five miles from Pueblo, is nearly 6000 feet above the level of the sea.

It was now time to return to our train, and we were not sorry to get back to Colorado Springs.

By-the-bye, have you had an answer yet from that sanitarium at Colorado Springs?


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