/ (ˈkʌləd) /

  1. possessing colour

  2. having a strong element of fiction or fantasy; distorted (esp in the phrase highly coloured)

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/ (ˈkʌləd) /

nounplural Coloureds or Coloured
  1. old-fashioned, offensive an individual who is not a White person, esp a Black person

  2. Southern African

    • a person of mixed ethnic parentage or descent

    • a person of mixed ethnic descent speaking English or Afrikaans as their mother tongue

  1. old-fashioned, offensive designating or relating to a Coloured person or Coloured people

usage For Coloured

The use of Coloured to refer to a person of mixed ethnic origin is likely to cause offence and should be avoided

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How to use coloured in a sentence

  • There was no vivacity in his putty-coloured features, but there were promptitude and decision in every abrupt gesture.

    Checkmate | Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  • As they entered, a liver-coloured hound that lay stretched before the fire growled lazily, and showed the whites of his eyes.

    St. Martin's Summer | Rafael Sabatini
  • I remember it well; a pale, creamy-coloured paper cover, good type, good paper.

  • Bright-coloured birds flew about among the bushes, but they had no songs for Alila and the hunter as they passed along.

  • For about thirty feet from the ground this was painted in coloured stripes very much like a barber's pole.

    Our Little Korean Cousin | H. Lee M. Pike