/ ˈkʌləz /

plural noun

    1. the flag that indicates nationality
    2. military the ceremony of hoisting or lowering the colours
  1. a pair of silk flags borne by a military unit, esp British, comprising the Queen's Colour showing the unit's crest, and the Regimental Colour showing the crest and battle honours
  2. true nature or character (esp in the phrase show one's colours )
  3. a distinguishing badge or flag, as of an academic institution
  4. sport a badge or other symbol denoting membership of a team, esp at a school or college
  5. informal.
    a distinguishing embroidered patch denoting membership of a motorcycle gang
  6. nail one's colours to the mast
    1. to refuse to admit defeat
    2. to declare openly one's opinions or allegiances

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Example Sentences

During the Boer War, Canadians flocked to the colours to defend the British Empire.

The unwanted blooms are at odds with his plans for a garden replicating the calming colours of an Impressionist painting.

You can buy them in a multitude of different colours and they cost 20 euros, or roughly $30.

Liking for a single colour is a considerably smaller display of mind than an appreciation of the relation of two colours.

Admiration for brilliant colours, for moving things, such as feathers, is common to the two.

Directly after them came a lot of palace attendants in curious hats and long robes of all colours of the rainbow.

The colours of the rainbow shone there in pale tints, and the flaring sunshine could not enter.

In 1881 the appearance of the figures was improved by their being painted in correct colours.





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