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  1. a city in SW California, near Los Angeles.

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Example Sentences

During this era, Colton says, AIs began to look like creative artists in their own right — incorporating elements of creativity such as intentionality, skill, appreciation and imagination.

Watching Colton come out to his toxic evangelical pastor, watching the sorrow and hurt wash over his face as the pastor, rather than spreading the gospel of love and acceptance, basically condemned Colton as the worst kind of sinner.

Colton’s journey toward self discovery seemed genuine to me, his struggles real and deserving of being told.

Twitter users piled on Colton, calling him everything from garbage to a fame-crazed criminal.

Her daughter Kylie, 15, and son Colton, 13, were very much aware of what was unfolding throughout that period—and witnessed things they are unlikely ever to forget.

From Time

In 2012 alone, approximately 1,607 babies per million were named Colton—a peak high for the name.

At this point in his reflections he became aware that Colton was turning his head with a sort of slow significance.

Colton's mind seldom roved far from politics, and it required little tact to lead him to the trough.

On one side of her sat the elder Mrs. Colton, in black silk with a point-lace collar; a sweet-faced frankly elderly woman.

I shall manage these men far better than Colton, who is the crudest type of American politician.

But you might as well talk to the trade-winds, especially with such men as Tom Colton stirring the caldron.