[ koh-lee ]
/ ˈkoʊ li /
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noun, plural co·lies.
any of several slender, fruit-eating, African birds constituting the family Coliidae, having grayish-brown plumage and a long, pointed tail.
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Also called mousebird.

Origin of coly

<New Latin colius<Greek koliós green woodpecker
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How to use coly in a sentence

  • Colyton is a small market-town, beautifully situated in the Coly valley, near the border of Dorset, with a fine church.

    Devonshire|Francis A. Knight
  • "Coly" took a team to-day and I am restored to my old position of No. 6, which I like the best of any.

    An Artilleryman's Diary|Jenkin Lloyd Jones
  • Colyton is five miles south-west of Axminster in the picturesque valley of the River Coly, and three miles from the sea.

    Thomas Hardy's Dorset|Robert Thurston Hopkins
  • They stood at the end of the platform, watching the train driving quickly up the valley until it stopped at Coly.

    Changing Winds|St. John G. Ervine

British Dictionary definitions for coly

/ (ˈkəʊlɪ) /

noun plural -lies
any of the arboreal birds of the genus Colius, family Coliidae, and order Coliiformes, of southern Africa. They have a soft hairlike plumage, crested head, and very long tailAlso called: mousebird

Word Origin for coly

C19: from New Latin colius, probably from Greek kolios woodpecker
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