Coma Berenices

[ koh-muh-ber-uh-nahy-seez ]
/ ˈkoʊ mə ˌbɛr əˈnaɪ siz /
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noun, genitive Co·mae Ber·e·ni·ces [koh-mee ber-uh-nahy-seez]. /ˈkoʊ mi ˌbɛr əˈnaɪ siz/. Astronomy.
Berenice's Hair, a northern constellation situated north of Virgo and between Boötes and Leo.
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Origin of Coma Berenices

From Latin

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Coma Berenices
/ (ˈkəʊmə ˌbɛrɪˈnaɪsiːz) /

noun Latin genitive Comae Berenices (ˈkəʊmiː)
a faint constellation in the N hemisphere between Ursa Major and Boötes containing the Coma Cluster a cluster of approximately 1000 galaxies, at a mean distance of 300 million light years

Word Origin for Coma Berenices

from Latin, literally: Berenice's hair, named after Berenice (died 221 bc), consort of Ptolemy III
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