[kom-uh n-dan-tee; Spanish, Italian kaw-mahn-dahn-te]

noun, plural co·man·dan·tes [kom-uh n-dan-teez; Spanish kaw-mahn-dahn-tes] /ˌkɒm ənˈdæn tiz; Spanish ˌkɔ mɑnˈdɑn tɛs/, Italian co·man·dan·ti [kaw-mahn-dahn-tee] /ˌkɔ mɑnˈdɑn ti/.

Origin of comandante

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Historical Examples of comandante

  • The Comandante pledges himself, as a hidalgo, that you shall not be harmed.

  • "I go to speak to the Comandante," responded the priest gravely.

  • The comandante saw the smile, which was not intended for him.

  • The only rejoinder uttered by the Comandante was a fierce “Carrajo!”

    The White Chief

    Mayne Reid

  • He knew the character of the Comandante, as well as the dangerous power with which he was armed.

    The White Chief

    Mayne Reid