combustion engine


  1. any of various types of engines driven by energy produced by combustion.

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Example Sentences

Smaller carbon footprintThe Next Generation Delivery Vehicles, as they’re officially called, will rock battery-powered motors or internal combustion engines with an improved fuel economy.

In the US, combustion engines will be phased out in California and Massachusetts by 2035, and other states are sure to follow.

From Quartz

They believe EV adoption is accelerating due to battery prices falling faster than they had expected, combined with an increase in regulatory proposals to limit or ban the sale of internal combustion engines over the next few decades.

From Fortune

Without a big combustion engine sitting in front of the driver, Hyundai has been able to build in structures that redistribute force to cause less damage in a wreck.

So we settled for a Subaru Impreza with an internal combustion engine.

In attempting to compete against the internal combustion engine, Tesla may have to do something similar.

And increasingly, cars that rely purely on the old-fashioned combustion engine are more efficient.

This progress was not accomplished by reinventing the internal combustion engine.

Now it is time for us to say goodbye to the internal combustion engine.

The internal combustion engine powered by readily available and low-cost fossil fuels could very well be reaching its natural end.

It represents the greatest possible utilization of the power of heat in an internal-combustion engine.

The stillness of just-before-dawn was broken by the distant rumble of an internal-combustion engine.

The internal-combustion engine is the heart of the submarine.

This was the first instance of the use of an internal combustion engine in connection with aeronautical experiments.

But the chief method of employing oil for generating power is to use it in an internal combustion-engine.





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