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[ kuhm-on, -awn ]


, Slang.
  1. inducement; lure.

come on


  1. (of power, a water supply, etc) to become available; start running or functioning
  2. to make or show progress; develop

    my plants are coming on nicely

  3. to advance, esp in battle
  4. to begin

    a new bowler has come on

    she felt a cold coming on

  5. theatre to make an entrance on stage
  6. to be considered, esp in a court of law
  7. preposition See come upon
  8. come on!
    1. hurry up!
    2. cheer up! pull yourself together!
    3. make an effort!
    4. don't exaggerate! stick to the facts!
  9. to attempt to give a specified impression

    he came on like a hard man

  10. come on strong
    to make a forceful or exaggerated impression
  11. come on to informal.
    to make sexual advances to


  1. informal.
    anything that serves as a lure or enticement

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Word History and Origins

Origin of come-on1

1895–1900, Americanism; noun use of verb phrase come on

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Example Sentences

The smell of the unkosher come-on was not unknown to the less-than-petite Conrad honker.

The scenario of the unwanted sexual come-on is far from unusual.

Take my way of it,” says he, “and come on-by with the rest of us here to Rotterdam.

I'll tell ye—you put me wise to a whole lot more stuff, and I'll frame up another come-on.

Why, oh, why, do cheap skates sell gold bricks and good come-on men waste their talents on Broadway!

From the lips of the Mud Turtle, who had silently joined the group, came a come-on verdict.

With their body-tremors they are giving the "come-on" signal to the workers.


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