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come around

  1. Recover consciousness, be restored to a normal condition, as in The smelling salts quickly made her come round . [Mid-1800s]

  2. Make a circuit; also, arrive casually or visit. For example, The milkman comes around every day at this time , or You should come round more often . [Early 1800s] Also see come by , def.

  3. Change in a favorable way, as in I was sure you would come around and see it my way . [Early 1800s]

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Also, come round .

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Example Sentences

So this pool cleaner would always come around and talk to her, and I figured it would be a good idea for a movie.

It took Helen 10 years “to come around” to Bechdel being gay.

It took artist and critic Peter Plagens a long time to come around to the post-modern work of Bruce Nauman.

But Democrats have long warned Republicans that eventually the public would come around.

With Obama, it took him awhile to come around, but he came around.

The wound was a bad one, he said, and the ball had narrowly missed the heart, but with care the man would come around all right.

I should have run away before 256 this, only I knew that father would come around and beg my pardon.

Let him alone; hell come around in his way, said OLeary, if theres anything left of him.

He'd sure have him persecuted fer 'sultin' a gov'ment servant when th' inspector come around.

Do you suppose those transparent creatures will smell the odor and come around the cabin?


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