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come at


  1. to discover or reach (facts, the truth, etc)
  2. to attack (a person)

    he came at me with an axe

  3. slang.
    to agree to do (something)
  4. slang.
    usually used with a negative to stomach, tolerate

    I couldn't come at it

  5. slang.
    to presume; impose

    what are you coming at?

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Example Sentences

All which Crabstick knew, and would often declare her missus to be "of all missuses the most slyest and least come-at-able."

Then we perceived there were two fires throwing up their smoke in the morning sun—the "Come-at-once" signal.

The new tramway is now open, so it is more come-at-able than hitherto.

I trust it will be yet lowered to five guineas, which is a more come-at-able sum than six.

He might sacrifice something for the first, but the latter were too plentiful and too come-at-able to be worth great cost.





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