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come away


  1. to become detached
  2. foll by with to leave (with)

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Example Sentences

What image are you hoping people who pick up this book and read it, come away with?

And is that what you want readers of your book to come away with?

Did you come away liking him or less after everything you learned and after all your dealings with him?

What do you hope readers will come away with after they finish The Remedy?

What people will be able to come away with is how do I feel about somebody I painted.

Come away, my lady; it won't be long till we meet a cab or something to fetch us where you please.

At times numbers of loose hairs come away in the brushing or combing.

He had come away in the sour mood of a thirsty man who finds an alkali spring sparkling deceptively under a rock.

The king ought never to have come away, he would not have come away if the queen could have trusted him.

"Come away, Rundell, the race is yer ain," shouted an enthusiastic supporter of Peter.