come in

verb(intr, mainly adverb)
  1. to enter, used in the imperative when admitting a person

  2. to prove to be: it came in useful

  1. to become fashionable or seasonable

  2. cricket to begin an innings

  3. sport to finish a race (in a certain position)

  4. (of a politician or political party) to win an election

  5. radio television to be received: news is coming in of a big fire in Glasgow

  6. (of money) to be received as income

  7. to play a role; advance one's interests: where do I come in?

  8. (foll by for) to be the object of: the Chancellor came in for a lot of criticism in the Commons

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come in

Arrive, become available for use or begin to produce, as in Has the new fall line come in yet? or The latest reports are coming in now, or This well has just begun to come in. [Late 1800s]

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