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come out


  1. to be made public or revealed

    the news of her death came out last week

  2. to make a debut in society or on stage
    1. Alsocome out of the closet to declare openly that one is a homosexual
    2. to reveal or declare any habit or practice formerly concealed
  3. to go on strike
  4. to declare oneself

    the government came out in favour of scrapping the project

  5. to be shown visibly or clearly

    you came out very well in the photos

  6. to yield a satisfactory solution

    these sums just won't come out

  7. to be published

    the paper comes out on Fridays

  8. foll by in to become covered with

    you're coming out in spots

  9. foll by with to speak or declare openly

    you can rely on him to come out with the facts

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Example Sentences

Schedules work out and we just have them come out to Portland.

The focus here was on how fast oil would come out of the Canadian fields.

Like Mike Tyson says, you have a great fight plan until you come out and take the first punch.

As the rumors have swirled, former players have come out stating that Harbaugh turns losers into winners.

Well, the sherry allows more flavor to come out of the wood than could otherwise be extracted.

Presently I saw Masters come out of the companion-way and make his way very skilfully towards me.

I give up Kullak and my concert plan, thinking I'll study with Deppe and come out under his auspices.

No cops had seen that the gray sedan which had driven into Burkey's filling station had come out a blue sedan.

Well, suppose you are allowed one, and you choose a French dictionary, and try to learn it off by heart before you come out.

Tell yourself that you'll be able to push up fifty times from the ground before you come out.


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